Great opportunities for our students!

Hilltop offers 4-5 school-wide enrichment programs per school year during our mornings.

We also offer after school Enrichment Sessions planned by our educators each January through May.  These 45 minute sessions change each month/year and are at an additional cost.

A Day At Hilltop

Our Daily Schedule

Hilltop Nursery School operates from 9 a.m. to noon Monday through Friday*.   Our daily schedule is adaptable for special children’s activities, and school wide enrichment programs which occur throughout the year. Our program is flexible to ensure that children have an opportunity to feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction and allows time for transition so that children do not feel rushed.

Our experienced and caring educators plan curriculum that provides experiences that build broad and balanced foundations for learning in all content areas: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Technology/Engineering, Hilstory and Social Science, Health and Education, and Arts.

9:00-9:45   Free Play/Free Choice -  Art, blocks, dramatic play, water play, manipulatives, writing and a variety of  individual or group activities

9:45-10:00  Meeting/Circle Time -  Attendance, weather, calendar, discussion of weekly topic or theme.

10:00-10:30   Centers/Project Time - Hands-on project relating to special weekly topic or theme. Opportunities for exploration, experimentation and discovery.

10:30-10:50      Hand Washing and Healthy Snacks - We teach the importance of washing hands using liquid soap, running water and friction. Snack (peanut free) is provided by Hilltop.

10:50-11:30      Literature, arts, music relating to themes

11:30-12:00      Wrap-up and preparation for dismissal - Depending on the weather, outdoor play using the play structure, triple hoop, sand play area or other equipment/toys will take place before dismissal or as needed throughout the morning.

Noon - Pick Up Time -  children are escorted to the walkway and exit doors for dismissal.

 *Extended hours are offered on Wednesday and Thursday until 1 p.m. for an additional fee, payable on the desired day. Days can change depending on the needs of our Hilltop families.

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